5 Signs It’s Time for a New HVAC System

A lot of homeowners never even think about their HVAC system until something goes wrong. Then, all of a sudden, you find your family covered in sweat for the summer or freezing through the winter and struggling to find an affordable repair service.

One of the largest investments in a home is the HVAC system. Even though you may do your best to keep it operational as long as you can, there are some obvious indicators that it is time for a replacement.

1. Rising Utility Bills

You expect to pay more for utilities during the hottest months of summer or the coldest days of winter. The warning sign to look for is when your utility bill is considerably higher than it was at the same time last year.

A significantly high utility bill is an indication that you may need a replacement for your HVAC system. Over time, the system will become less efficient due to regular wear and tear. The biggest loss of efficiency comes from corrosion and dirt buildup. It is normal for a system’s efficiency to go down slightly as it gets older. However, a spike in your utility costs should have you on the phone with a quality repairman to determine if it is time for a new HVAC system.

2. Inconsistent Temperatures

You may discover that your kitchen is staying cold, yet you find yourself sweating as you watch your favorite shows from the living room sofa. If an HVAC system is too large for the size of your home, it will short cycle. This means that it reaches temperature too quickly and shuts off. Humidity remains, leaving parts of your home feeling hot and sticky. A new system that features the latest technology will help keep the temperature even throughout your entire home.


3. The System Is Running Constantly

During the hottest months of summer, your system may work harder to keep your home cool. However, if you find that your system is not shutting off on a regular day, it may be time to consider a replacement.

When an HVAC system does not cycle on and off as it should, this indicates a decrease in capacity. The system may be impacted with dirt or there may be an issue with the compressor. While your home may be staying cool with the system running all the time, you are not going to be happy with your next utility bill. Replacing your HVAC system with a new, more efficient one is the ideal solution.

4. Your Current System Is Old

There is not an exact answer to how long an HVAC system should last. It depends on the initial installation and the maintenance you have done over the years. If your system is more than 15 or 20 years old, it is probably ready for a new one.

5. You’re Spending a Lot of Time and Money on Repairs

Over the years, you can expect to pay for occasional maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Basic repairs like capacitors and electrical switches are not a big deal, but major repairs like compressors and coils are troublesome. When you get to a point where you are spending large amounts of money time and time again to keep your family cool, you need to consider replacing your HVAC system. You can depend on a new system to keep your home comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

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