How Pets Can Impact Your HVAC System

Bringing unconditional love and affection wherever they go, you can always rely on a loving pet to be there for you. However, there is one thing that your pet isn’t likely to have such a good effect on your HVAC system! Read on to find out why and what you can do to keep your system as safe as possible.

What Do Pets Do To HVACs?

Your pets don’t directly do anything to ruin your HVAC system, instead, they are an unfortunate victim of circumstance. When shedding, your pet releases hundreds of wispy hairs into the air. These circulate throughout your home before ultimately getting sucked into your HVAC system. Here, bundles of hair can become built up on your HVAC filter and prevent it from properly sucking and pushing air through the system. 

What Can A Blocked Filter Lead To?


As well as preventing air from traveling through your system, a blocked-up filter on your HVAC unit has a range of cascading effects. For example, the inside of the system will become dirty over time and start blowing out air that isn’t of a high enough quality for people to breathe in, which is especially bad for those with allergies or asthma. In extreme circumstances, it could also cause your system to start overheating due to a lack of cooling air, leading to a fire. Ultimately, hair and fur in your system can be very damaging, but there are a few ways of avoiding these problems. 

Swap Your Filters Regularly 

Hair clogging up your filters is the main issue that you’ll be facing, so the fastest resolution to the problem is to completely replace or clear the filters. This takes the problematic hair out of the equation and can get your system back up and running at a level that you’re used to. You could even use disposable filters so you are forced to replace them at regular intervals, making the whole process much easier than just waiting until a problem arises before doing anything about it. 

De-Hair Your Home

There are a few things you can do to get as much hair as possible out of your home in the first place. This includes cleaning and vacuuming your house as often as you can. This will get rid of any hair or dirt that could block up your filters, helping your air conditioning system to run normally. 

You could also groom and brush your dog or cat more often. This removes as many stray hairs as possible off their bodies, meaning you won’t have to deal with all that hair in the air, and more importantly, it keeps your dog cool.

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