How to Prevent Windows From Affecting the Temperature of Your Home

Heat loss happens in every home. But, you lose money when your home loses heat. Did you know that approximately 25% of your home’s heat loss might occur through your windows?

So, how can you regulate your home temperature and avoid heat loss through your windows?

You can continue reading this guide to learn all the best methods for stopping heat from escaping through your windows.

Block the Sun in the Summer

The first way to reduce energy use in the summer months is by blocking the sun from entering through your windows. Sunlight from windows instantly heats a home, making it harder to cool the house.


You can block the sun by shutting your blinds or installing curtains. You don’t have to keep these closed all day, but you should shut them when the sun is beating inside. 

Additionally, you can perform other steps to reduce the sun’s heat from affecting your home temperature. The right steps help you use less energy. Using less energy reduces your energy bills. 

Apply Window Film

The next thing you can do is apply window film to your windows. You can choose from various types of window films, including window tinting

This product is something you can keep on your windows in the summer, winter, or both. The purpose is to block air from getting through. 

For example, the tint blocks heat from entering your home during the summer. However, it blocks cold air from getting through during the cold winter months. 

Weatherize Your Windows

You can also improve your home temperature control by ensuring that your windows are sealed well. When windows have leaks, air escapes and passes through. So, what can you do to weatherize your windows?

First, you can lock them. When you lock the windows, it seals them. Next, you might want to caulk them to fill in any cracks that might be present. 

Some people also place plastic over their windows during the winter. Your blinds and curtains block the sunlight in the summer, but they can’t block cold air from getting through in the winter. 

Replace Your Windows 

Finally, you can reduce the heat loss from windows by replacing yours. Energy efficient windows stop more airflow from getting through. Therefore, installing new windows will naturally reduce your heat loss.

Reducing heat loss leads to a decrease in your energy usage, causing you to save money.

When you get new windows, you’ll feel fewer drafts in your home. In addition, you’ll face fewer challenges regulating your home temperature. 

New windows also increase a home’s value and improve a home’s looks. 

Regulate Your Home Temperature With the Right Steps

Older windows can’t stop the airflow like new ones. Therefore, you might want to consider replacing your old windows if you have trouble controlling your home temperature.

You might also see a decrease in your energy use if you replace your HVAC system. 

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