How to Tell if Your HVAC System Is Ready for Winter

Winter is getting here fast. Before long, you will be firing up your heating system to keep your family warm and comfortable. As it gets colder outside, it is time to determine if your HVAC system is ready for winter.

Time for a Tune-up

The most important step to preparing your HVAC system for winter is to ensure proper maintenance. Contact a quality HVAC company and schedule a system tune-up before the end of fall.

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters keep debris, dust, and dirt from getting into your forced-air HVAC system. These small particles can lead to major damage and inefficiency. It is extremely important to change the air filters for your HVAC system regularly. Depending on the type of filter that you use, this may be once a month or once a year. Read the manufacturer label for replacement recommendations.

Make Sure the Furnace Is Clean

When a professional comes to tune up your system, they will clean the interior of the furnace. However, it is up to you to ensure that the area around your heating system is clean.


Remove any debris and dirt that may get sucked into the furnace when you turn it on for the season. Make sure that there is nothing stacked up around the furnace so it can receive proper airflow, remember to keep all flammable objects a minimum of six feet from your furnace and never lean anything against the exterior.

Update Your Programmed Thermostat Settings

When the time comes to change from cooling mode to heating mode, be sure to change the temperature setting on your programmable thermostat as well. Temperature preferences are different for cooling and heating and schedules differ with the seasons.

Make Certain That All of the Air Vents Are Clear

Check all of the vents throughout your home to make certain they are open and free of obstruction. This will help your furnace heat your home more effectively. Closed vents that restrict heat can cause damage to your HVAC system due to warm air becoming trapped in the system. This will lead to damaged ducts, system overheating, and decreased energy efficiency.

Check Your Ductwork

Before the time comes to operate your heating system, take the time to check the ductwork in your home to make sure it is ready for winter. With proper duct sealing, you will not have to worry about any damage, disconnections, or gaps that will lead to heat loss and poor efficiency.

Taking the time to perform a few affordable tasks to ensure your HVAC system is ready to heat your home when winter arrives can save you costly repairs in the future. You can do all of the maintenance yourself, or you can hire a quality professional who will come out and do all of the work for you. Either way, do not make the mistake of simply turning on your heating system when the temperature drops without first making certain that your HVAC system is prepared.

To learn more about maintaining your HVAC system, contact our experts today.