My A/C Broke Down: What Should I Do Now?

Your home can quickly become uncomfortable when the central air conditioning system stops working, especially on a hot day in Tennessee or Alabama. Both the temperature and humidity levels will begin to rise, and if the weather is particularly hot, it could eventually harm your health as well as food or medications stored in your home. Follow these steps to solve the problem as soon as possible:

1. Troubleshooting

Check your electrical panel to see if the A/C system’s circuit breaker has tripped. The equipment may begin working again after you reset the breaker switch (or replace the fuse). However, it could be dangerous to do so repeatedly. Contact an HVAC repair technician if the circuit breaker trips again.

2. Thermostats

Review all thermostat settings and confirm that the thermostat appears to be working normally. Someone might have accidentally made problematic changes. For example, it should be set to the cooling or “auto” mode, not the heating mode. Try a somewhat lower temperature setting. Keep in mind that certain thermostats have batteries; they need replacement from time to time. The wrong settings can cause an air conditioner to produce warm air on a summer’s day. One potential problem occurs when a system’s fan is set to “ON” or “OFF.” Ideally, the fan should run when the A/C equipment is cooling your home. You don’t want it to stay on or off at all hours, so it’s wise to select the “AUTO” setting in most situations.


3. Inspection

If you don’t find any circuit breaker or thermostat issues, briefly inspect the indoor and outdoor A/C units to see if you notice any obvious problems. For instance, you might discover that the wind has blown an object against the condenser and interrupted the airflow. Check to make sure any power switches haven’t been turned off. Examine the air filter; it may be clogged and require cleaning or replacement.

4. Staying Cool

When you’re unable to find a simple solution, take steps to keep your home as cool as possible until the system can be repaired. Cover any windows exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid cooking food, vacuuming floors, washing dishes, or running the dryer. Turn off unnecessary lights. Some large TVs and computer monitors also produce substantial amounts of heat.

5. Equipment Repair

It’s best to let a professional handle complex A/C issues. After all, there’s high-voltage power, hazardous substances, and valuable equipment involved. Call a trustworthy HVAC contractor and describe the problem. Be prepared to answer some questions about the system and how it broke down. If you can’t get by with an electric fan, request an emergency service instead of waiting for a scheduled call.

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