Switching From Heat to Air Conditioning – The Basics

As the warmer months start to creep back in, you’re going to want to make the switching from your heating system back to the air conditioning system to keep your household and family at a comfortable temperature. However, before you do this, there are a few maintenance steps that you need to perform to make sure that your air conditioning unit is back up to the task. That’s why our team at Air Pro Mechanical Services has created this article packed full of our tips on how to prepare for switching from heating back to air conditioning.

Make Sure That Your Air Filters Are Clean

Before you turn your air conditioning back on, you want to make sure that the filters are clean. This is because they can easily become clogged with bits of dust or pollen. If left inside, these unwanted substances can be swirled around your rooms, provoking allergies. The other alternative is that your air conditioning system may become too clogged to even work, or perhaps it will overheat and break as it won’t be able to cool down properly.

How you can clean your air conditioning system varies on which type you have. Some may have reusable filters that you can clean, whereas others have filters that you need to replace.

Clean the Air Conditioning Unit

To make sure that the air conditioning is in full working order, it takes more than simply cleaning the vents, you need to clean the whole unit. You can do this by first shutting off the power (to avoid the risk of electrocution) and clearing all instances of dust or other build-ups of debris from pivotal parts such as the evaporator coil and the unit’s protective cover. If these two parts, in particular, are left grimy, then this can affect how well your air conditioning system can work as the airflow will be prevented. Clogging could even kill your air conditioning unit.

Get a Qualified HVAC Technician

No one knows your air conditioning system better than an HVAC technician. Just before you’re about to make the switch from heating to air conditioning, it may pay to get an HVAC technician in to look over the system. They can ensure that everything is in working order before you make the switch and are immediately on hand if troubleshooting brings up any issues that need professional attention.

Gradually Turn the Air Conditioning On

If there are any underlying issues with your air conditioning, putting it on at full blast immediately could be dangerous and break the system. That’s why we recommend gradually inching the air conditioning up little by little so that it gets used to running again. Put your thermostat on for a couple of degrees below room temperature at first, and then inch it lower and lower. When you’ve done this, you can inspect the vents to ensure that the cool air is flowing through your home as it should.

For more information on how to switch from heat to air conditioning, contact our affordable and high-quality team at Air Pro Mechanical Services.