What to Expect When You Have Your HVAC Unit Replaced

If you are planning on having your HVAC unit replaced, here’s the lowdown on what you can expect before, during, and after the installation process.

Give Your HVAC Professional Access to the Area Where the Unit Will Be Installed

When the HVAC professional arrives to install your new unit, give them access to your home and show them where the old unit is. It’s usually in a closet of some sort. If you live in an apartment, they should be able to access a hallway closet that contains the unit. Then, if anything is obstructing their work area, like furniture or other objects, be sure to move it out of their way before they get started.

Pay Attention to the Noise Level

When your existing HVAC system is replaced, the new unit should not be noisier than the old one. Ideally, it should be quieter. If you’re concerned about the noise level, ask how many decibels the HVAC model will produce. This number should match up with what the manufacturer promises—and if it doesn’t, you may want to replace or return it.

There’s a funny thing about decibels, on paper, they look small compared with numbers like horsepower and tons of air conditioning capacity. But in practical terms, there’s a vast difference between 40 and 50 decibels—and that extra bit of noise can make a huge difference in how comfortable your home will feel. So when replacing an older HVAC system, pay attention to this detail!

Don’t Forget Your Thermostat

If you have any kind of thermostat, it needs to be working. If your thermostat has batteries, make sure they are fresh before turning on your HVAC system for the first time after replacement. If your thermostat is wifi enabled, check to make sure it’s still connected and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Also, if you have a programmable thermostat, it’s important to make sure it’s still programmed with the settings that work for you and your family. Don’t forget about your thermostat when making sure everything is in working order after an HVAC installation!


Ensure There Is Proper Drainage

Make sure you know where the drain will be installed. Most HVAC contractors install a drain outside your home that leads away from the foundation, so they can inspect it during routine maintenance checks. Also, check to make sure the water flows away from your house and onto the lawn or other areas where it won’t damage your driveway or sidewalk.

Have a Plan for Your Old HVAC Unit

Whether you have an air conditioner or heat pump, look into the best course of action for disposing of it. The older the unit, the more likely that it contains refrigerants that need to be removed and recycled. These units also contain copper and other metals that can be recycled. Keep in mind that they also contain other hazardous materials that need to be properly disposed of.

Has a place been picked out for your new unit before installation day? While this is something your technician will help you with, pre-deciding on a location could speed up the process once he arrives at your house on installation day. Replacing your HVAC unit can improve your comfort and energy bills. You can expect your HVAC installation to take several hours, maybe a day or two.

The crew will remove the old unit and install your new one. They’ll run the ductwork and wiring, test it all to make sure it works properly, and show you how to use it. They’ll also clean up after themselves; then you can happily enjoy the cooler or warmer air in your home, depending on what season it is.

Top Tips From the Professionals at AirPro Mechanical Services

  • You don’t need to be present during the entire installation. Unless you request special work (like an additional system), we can install your new equipment while you’re at work or running errands!
  • Let us know if you have pets or small children in the home. This will help us to be more sensitive to their needs as we plan and perform our work.
  • Arrange for access to the area where the unit will be installed. The HVAC tech must have direct, easy access to this area, so if you want him or her to go through a certain door, or avoid any other part of your home, make sure that is clear before they arrive.
  • Let us know about any special requests. If there are any circumstances that could complicate the process (like a bee’s nest under your eaves), let us know! We can’t see everything from the street and might not think to ask about it if you don’t tell us first.

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