Your Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

It’s always best to be prepared for the coming season so that you’re not caught off guard by having your HVAC systems unprepared for the next cool season. If you want to be sure that you don’t have a disaster in the middle of a cold stretch of weather, it’s best that you know exactly what the status of your HVAC equipment is, and whether it requires any maintenance for the upcoming season. Here is a checklist that you can use to make sure that your heating system is ready for fall and winter, so you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Even though you’re actually preparing for cooler weather, you’d be well advised to perform some season-ending maintenance on your cooling system to make sure it’s ready for the next time warm weather rolls around. Before you completely shut down your cooling system, you should turn off the power to your compressor and make sure that it’s clean by performing the following tasks:


– Remove visible debris which may have accumulated around the condenser unit
– Vacuum the outer fins to get rid of any buildup
– If the fins happen to be bent at all, use a knife to straighten them out
– Take off the top grill and lift out the fan, remove all debris inside the unit, and wipe down any surfaces which might be dirty with a damp cloth
– Use your garden hose to mildly spray the fins from the inside
– Reassemble the unit and restore power to it

Next, you should change the air filter, or replace it entirely if it’s not a washable type of filter. Make sure there are no long grasses or foliage situated around the condenser unit, at least within a distance of three feet. Cover your condenser unit with an air conditioner cover which is available at practically all home improvement stores. If you can’t find an air conditioner cover, you can cover the top of your condenser with a plywood piece, and then place a heavy brick or stone on top of it, so that winter winds cannot dislodge it.

Heating Maintenance

Use the following checklist to make sure your furnace or heat pump is ready for the coming cold season. 
– Change the air filter, so that you can prevent debris from being circulated all throughout your household. 
– Adjust the settings on your programmable thermostat to accommodate any lifestyle changes which may have occurred since last season. 
– Conduct an inspection of your ductwork to make sure that there are no leaks, and that there are no blockages in the ducts which would hinder airflow. 

With the change of seasons, it’s a good idea to change the batteries in your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide detector if you have one. Then you can focus on having preventive maintenance scheduled for your heating unit, to make sure that it’s up to snuff and ready to keep your household warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. If you contact your local HVAC contractor, they will be able to conduct this preventive maintenance for you, to ensure that the unit is ready to go. 

Some of the tasks they will perform include checking the thermostat calibration, lubricating moving parts, inspecting electrical connections, testing system controls, checking burner combustion, and inspecting the heat exchanger. If your HVAC contractor carries out this kind of maintenance for you, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you will be completely prepared to face the worst that fall and winter have to offer.

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